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Waypoint Law serves businesses and individuals in real estate and business transactions and litigation.

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About Waypoint Law

Dan Eaton formed Waypoint Law PLLC in January, 2023 after practicing nearly 14 years at another Minneapolis real estate and litigation law firm. Dan’s experience ranges from representing businesses in million-dollar lawsuits to representing clients purchasing single-family homes.

Waypoint Law PLLC is a full-service law firm based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We specialize in Commercial and Multi-Family Real Estate, Residential Real Estate, Business and Entrepreneurial Law, Investing and Syndications, as well as Disputes and Litigation.

Why Choose Waypoint Law?

Learning Your Objectives

No client is the same. We prioritize making sure that we understand your objectives so that every step in our representation is focused on working toward that objective.

Guiding You Through Unknown Territory

We understand that people hire attorneys for important events in their lives. Whether you are starting a new business, buying a first home, or facing litigation, our job is to navigate the process so you can focus on what you do best.

Providing Our Expertise

With years of experience in the courtroom and putting together transactions of all sizes, Waypoint has the experience necessary to get the job done right. If we are not the best fit for your needs, we will tell you. We want you to get the best representation possible.

Delivering You Results

Our ultimate job is to help you achieve your objective. Sometimes the strategy is straightforward, but often it requires stepping back to look for creative solutions. We seek the most effective and efficient way to get the best result possible for you.

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    What Constitutes a Breach of Contract in Real Estate in Minnesota?

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    What to Do If a Seller Fails to Disclose Defects When You Buy Their Minnesota Home

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